Rwanda to produce quality movies

01Rwanda’s new school of Africa Digital Media Academy is set to boost movie industry through training Rwandese with specialized skills on movie production.

The school opened in 2012.

While touring the school recently, the minister of ICT& youth, Hon. Philbert Nsegimana credited the school’s programs in promoting information technology in Rwanda.

“Rwanda will be on the same level with developed movie industries around the world given the modern equipment this school has,” said Nsengimana.

The academy is well equipped with high technology equipment used in film shooting and students will mainly focus on practical studies more than theories.

 “With specialized trainers, high tech materials and practical lessons to students, no doubt Rwanda  we will be at the same level with America’s Holly Wood in producing quality films,” Bryan Yewel, the school’s Director assured.

Rwanda recently scooped an award on the international level for promoting information and technology.


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