Singer Nasoon explains why he’s missing on the music scene

Singer Nasoon explains why he’s missing on the music scene

In 2010, R&B singer Nasoon from Gitarama topped music charts with his hits like Nfite amatsiko, Kibona umwe but the singer disappeared from music scene.

The Agasebuye hit maker last made news early 2012 when he promised to open up his own recording studio. reporter bumped on the star as he was sitting calmly in one of the karaoke’s bar and explained why he no longer release hits like in past years.

“It’s true I have been off the music scene but for various reasons including producing songs for other artists because before I became an artist I was a producer” says singer Nasoon.

He added that music industry today is more competitive with new talents and that’s why I had to first re- draw my strategies musically.

His downfall started way back in late 2010, when he was jailed for two weeks after the police caught him red handed with a school girl in bed and since then he started shrinking musically.

Nasoon tasted the lime light when his song Kibona umwe featuring The Ben topped R&B music charts.

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