Skizzy: Muyoboke is being exploited

Skizzy: Muyoboke is being exploited

Kigali Boyz crew member Skizzy says he sympathizes with Alex Muyoboke over what he calls “exploitation” by Rwandan musicians. Muyoboke was dealt, yet, another big blow when Urban Boyz abruptly dismissed him, ending their one-year relationship as their manager. Muyoboke has, in the past, worked with the likes of Tom Close and Dream Boyz, all of whom parted ways in acrimonious circumstances. But according to Skizzy, that goes down to the low standards of professionalism in Rwandan music industry, and the star says it’s Alex Muyoboke on the receiving end.

Speaking to Sunday Night Show on Isango Star, Skizzy said, “If you look at how hardworking the managers of these musicians are, you would not believe they are not even entitled to a salary because they (musicians) do not have the financial muscle to pay them.”

It is alleged Muyoboke had requested for a twenty percent increment, down from thirty which he was earning from the Urban Boyz, but shoddy details of what led to the two partying company have only emerged with Muyoboke saying that their contract had expired.

According to Skizzy,the whole Urban Boyz /Muyoboke saga  indicates  how fragile and unprofessional local music career is.

He added, “As far as I know, managers are supposed to deal with the financial aspects of musicians. They are also supposed to be paid on a regular basis as opposed to percentage handouts.”

It is expected that Muyoboke will land another contract with another famous musician very soon, having achieved much success with Urban Boyz, and according to Skizzy that is why the problem will keep on recurring. He said, “I am very sure very soon he will get a contract from another musician who will use him to climb up the ladder before dumping him just like the others.”

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