Bissosso: No hard feelings with me and Kina Music

Bissosso No hard feelings with me and Kina MusicDeejay Bissosso has sought to clarify that he has no hard feelings against Kina Music, one of the country’s leading music production houses. The renowned disk jockey is said to have refused to play any of the studio’s songs whenever he’s behind the disks, something that drew a lot of criticism from different pundits.

But speaking to Sunday Night, the former shoe shiner and barber said that he has no intention whatsoever of creating a foul atmosphere with Clement’s house. One of the songs that Bissosso is accused of having refused to play is the hit song called Kanda Amazi, which has enjoyed a lot of airplay on FM stations and most hangout bars in the city.

But adamantly, the veteran deejay said, “I have nothing against Kina Music at all. Our job is professional, so we have to be careful.”



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