Echoes from a Somber Empire to premiere at new papyrus

Echoes from a Somber Empire to premiere at new papyrus

Lovers of movies will be treated to an entertaining evening as Goethe Institute brings this breathtaking documentary film by Werner Herzog at the New Papyrus/Loft in Kimihurura.

This is the story of Michael Goldsmith, a reporter who is trying to get some semblance of the life of Jean Bedel Bokassa, one time emperor of Central Africa. Bokasssa had Goldsmith beaten and almost killed several times. We watch Goldsmith talk to friends, family, enemies and anyone who knew the emperor, who at the time of the filming was in prison having been sentenced to death in absentia.

Herzog follows Goldsmith and lets him ask the questions he wants to ask and go to the places he wants to go to. There is no judgment on anyone just the facts laid out by the people on the way. It’s a trip into a heart of darkness.

Echoes from a Somber Empire will be screened on Tuesday 11th June, and as usual entrance will be free.

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