Face book party 4th edition returns

Face book party 4th edition returns

Famous socialite’s event for face book users in Rwanda is set to kick off on 1st June this year at Relax with us restaurant.

The party normally connects social network users with local celebrities especially musicians who are popular in the country.

According to John Kalisa also known as  Kjohn, the organizer of the party explained in details about the party to Rwandashow.com.

“The idea behind face party is to connect all social network users to socialize and know each other to expand the network and sharing of information” says Kjohn.

He added that through face book party page, the public normally requests their favorite artists they would to meet and we host them live.

Despite having various criticisms, face book party has continued to attract lots of people especially youth which use social net works most.

The event also boosts the sharing of information especially on developmental ideas related to the country like community works among the youth in holydays.

This year’s face book party 4th edition will be graced by local artists including Paccy, Makonikoshwa, Young Grace and Lil G.

As usual, the entrance fee is1000 Rwf which is affordable by the youth.


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