Goodlyfe representatives in Rwanda fight

Kid Gaju

Kid Gaju

Local R&B singer Tom Close and Kid Gaju engaged in a battle of words over who represents Goodlyfe , a Ugandan based crew, in Rwanda.

Kid Gaju blames Tom Close for publically bragging about being the only Goodlyfe member in Rwanda.

While speaking to, singer Kid Gaju commented on the issue and warned Tom Close to get ready for the tuff competitor.

“I introduced Tom Close to singer Radio, but am surprised how he goes around tarnishing my name because the boys trusted me to represent them in Rwanda,” furious Kid Gaju explained.

He admitted Tom has more experience than him in music, though it shouldn’t make Tom brag and suppress new talent.

It is estimated that the biff was spiced up by Tom’s new song papa w’ abana featuring Knowless : where by Kid Gaju blames Tom for mimicking his ‘Mama w’abana’ song and words.

Close refutes the accusations.

“I have competed with strong artists before Kid Gaju came into music, so if he thinks being head of Goodlyfe will make him better, I let him be,” Tom said.

Tom said he is not incharge of Kid Gaju’s promotion or public relations.








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