King James alleges Kina Music hacked his face book account

King James

King James

Local RnB singer King James blames Kina Music for using illegally his face book account for their own interests.

The incident happened recently when unknown person hacked into King James’s face book account and posted on the wall a picture of Kanda Amazi video produced by Kina Music.

This forced the Abubu star to clear the air publically where he advised his fans not to consider the account dubbed Ruhumuriza James because he no longer used it.

While speaking to, the winner of PGGSSII claimed that his account must have been hacked by one person from Kina Music.

“I believe Kina Music is behind the hacking of my account to promote their latest video because if it was someone else he or she would not have posted such a picture,” says King James.

King James rose to fame on the wings of Kina Music which is owned by producer Clement but later he quit the label on unknown reasons.

However, Kina Music boss Clement Ishimwe denied having hacked into King James’s account to promote Kanda Amazi video.

“Am surprised James could assume such, we wouldn’t hack to promote our music,” Clement says.


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