Knowless: My chances of winning PGGSS are 100 per cent


Songbird Butera Knowless has issued a warning to her rivals in Primus Guma Guma Super Star that she is not just there for entertainment, but as a real contender. Knowless, who has already set out a vigorous campaign strategy ahead of the next road show, expressed her confidence that she will surely emerge victorious, come July when the final winner will be unveiled. The stiff competition that has marred this year’s reality TV show has seen the contestants splash out enormous amounts of cash to a level never seen before.


But Knowless remains confident and hopeful that she will shake off any viable challenge that may come her way, including the heavy weights that include Urban Boyz, Senderi and Dream Boyz. Speaking to Sunday Night Show on a local FM station, the beauty queen said that she was not afraid of any of her challengers. Urban Boyz, Dream Boyz, Senderi International Hit and Knowless herself are heavily tipped to be the most favorite to be crowned winners, but according to Knowless, all the others will come after her.


She said, “I am sure of winning it. I have heard my opponents bragging about being the best, but let me assure my fans that I am the best here. If things go according to the way I have planned, then in July I will be celebrating with my fans.”


Knowless has been spotted at different functions relating to Rayon Sports football club, a factor that has been noted by many as a campaign strategy to amass as many votes as possible, considering the club is the richest in number of fan base. Senderi International Hit has followed the same strategy going to an extent of promising Rayon Sports two world class signings should he win it.



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