Mani Martin bemoans lack of professionalism in music industry

Mani Martin Mani Martin has urged the Rwandan population to embrace their local musicians and idolize them in order to raise the standards of local music. According to him, there is no single time Rwandan music industry will make stride, if the spectators overshadow the stakeholders. Martin, who has enjoyed a spell in secular music after crossing over from gospel, feels it’s of vital importance that the products of local musicians be put on the market and be sold appropriately.


He said, “If for example I put my CD for sale, then I have to be sure that I get the required output from them. But unfortunately it’s not the case here in Rwanda. Copyright and other legal issues are some of the hindrances that we encounter which have become a burden for us. One will go and reproduce your CD’s without your knowledge and as a result your toil goes to waste.”


Meanwhile the singer is busy preparing for his next project which will be a concert due to be held in August, dubbed “MANI MARTIN LEVEL2013. Already he has released a new single called Yobayoba which has hit the airwaves in full swing.

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