Mukurarinda backs Senderi, warns Safi

Mukurarinda backs Senderi, warns Safi
Rwanda’s renowned no nonsense prosecutor Alain Mukurarinda has categorically said that Eric Senderi stands no chance of prosecution after the former reportedly referred to Urban Boyz crew member Safi’s dancers as sluts. In a dramatic turn of events, Senderi had accused Safi of using unethical girls as his dancers as his main performers, something that clearly angered Safi. In an interview with a local FM radio station, the star had indicated he would move to court to sue Senderi, but it now seems like the latter is likely to get away with it after all, at least according to Mukurarinda.

The prosecutor turned musician who is known for his unequivocal nature, told Sunday Night Show on Isango Star FM that there’s nothing wrong with what Senderi accused Safi, adding that he gave his piece of mind which would not amount to a criminal prosecution. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with what he did,” Mukurarinda was quoted as saying.

“I would in fact advise Safi to keep off the whole affair because if he’s not careful he will end up being sued instead,” he added. The developments will come as a real shock for Safi who has strongly voiced his concerns over the accusation by Senderi, but sources close to him reveal he will continue to press harder until Senderi pays the price.

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