No offers yet from any artist: Muyoboke

No offers yet from any artist

Alex Muyoboke has denied the news that he has received an offer from TNP, a local singing crew, insisting he has not decided over his managerial future. The highly rated manager parted ways with Urban Boyz in acrimonious circumstances, but has always played down any suggestions that he was sacked by the crew. As things stand now, many musicians have been placed on alert as Muyoboke ponders his next destination.


So far TNP, female rapper Ciney and Alioni have been mooted as the most likely candidates to sign with Muyoboke, but the latter has come forward to clear the air in denial of the news. He was quoted as saying, “No I am not in touch with TNP. Would they be my next project? I don’t know but for now I am still taking a break to assess what’s next for me.”


Muyoboke is regarded as one of the best music managers in the country, having worked with Tom Close, Dream Boyz and Urban Boyz. Of all the artists he has worked with, he has always propelled them to greater heights, although pundits have always questioned his overly inflated benefits he reaps from them. One radio presenter said that the fact Muyoboke takes a whooping thirty percent from the revenues of the musicians is an indication that he exploits them to the maximum which leads to those musicians to prematurely terminate their contracts with him once they have achieved a solid status in music industry.

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