Rapper AMA-G drops new song that slumps ladies

Rapper AMA-G drops new song that slumps ladies

Ama-g the Black

Local hard core rapper Ama-g the Black released a new song dubbed Care shunning the de-toothing trend among ladies.

The carries a message that prohibits ladies from using their spouses as ATM machines for money providence whenever they need financial help. Meanwhile, most ladies say the song disregards them and it is one sided.

The author of the song Ama-g the black revealed to Rwandashow.com, that the message is real based on life experience in society.

“Not all ladies are money oriented, but it happens regularly and as a rapper, I have to raise such issues,” explains Ama-g the black.

The Uruhinja star is currently one of the artists that receive many offers to feature in various songs because of his quick fame in the music industry.

Rapper Ama-g the black hails in Ibisumizi studio which is owned by his fellow rapper Riderman and boasts of songs like Uruhinja, Turikwishuri and many featuring including Simubure with Urban Boyz.

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