Report: Meddy and The Ben to close curtains on PGGSS finals

Meddy and The Ben to close curtains on PGGSS has learnt that RnB stars Meddy and The Ben are set to conclude this year’s edition of Primus Guma Guma Super Star, but the news is yet to be confirmed by BRALIRWA and East African Promoters, the main organizers of the competition. Should the developments come to fruition, then the duo shall land in the country by late June in time for preparations of the concert which they will hold during the closing ceremony in July.

It has been strongly rumored that both Meddy and The Ben are planning a sensational comeback that will see two of the country’s most popular RnB figures return home after a few years abroad. The two are currently contract-bound at Press One Entertainment where chief producer is Lick Lick. Pundits have always argued that since their departure the level of local music and entertainment in general has plummeted to a record low, a factor that would subsequently reverse if they would come back.

Efforts to contact either Meddy or The Ben have been rendered futile, but sources close to them continue to reveal that they are eager and anxious to come back. One source said, “They want to make a trip here because they know they are loved very much. It would be one great opportunity to show their fans that they are truly in their hearts.”

Already word has been quickly spreading that the whole of Press One Entertainment, which also incorporates Lick Lick and K8 Kavuyo, is planning a tour dubbed Ndi uw’i Kigali, but whose debut date has not been confirmed.




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