Rumors: Nizzo of Urban Boyz dumps singer Sacha

m_Nizzo of Urban Boyz dumps singer Sacha

It appears all is not well between Nizzo of Urban Boyz and singer Sacha Kat, after reports that the two have broken up. Although the two had earlier indicated they are in love, sources close to Nizzo have pointed that he has called it quits to their relationship. The two had been in blissful love for a short time, and they have on numerous occasions publicized their affair in public – well that is no more.

A girl only by the name of Yvette seems to have taken over the ride and usurped Sacha, although the latter continues to insist she’s the one for Nizzo. The source, who spoke on conditions of anonymity, said that Nizzo has fallen head over heels in love with Yvette and that there’s no going back to Sacha.

Sacha Kat. Photo/Internet

Sacha Kat. Photo/Internet

The source was quoted as sayng, “It’s over between the two. I believe that Nizzo has surely made up his mind this time. Yvette is a perfect match for him and she’s ready to settle down for a long lasting relationship.”

Efforts to contact Nizzo for any comment were rendered futile after our numerous calls went unanswered.

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