Artists we wish we would see Primus Guma Guma Super Star

So just over twenty four hours before we know who will be packing their bags and make their way out of Primus Guma Guma Super Star. The anxiety, euphoria, anticipation and excitement that lie ahead are worth relishing to say the least. But there is something more to that. In a few weeks’ time we will also know who the final winner will be, before the curtains of the show close down. And already a few names have started to inevitably spring into people’s minds on who will be in it next season. Here looks at a few names that fans would crave to see in next season’s reality TV show.



This lady is fine, sexy and vibrant. She has definitely reached that peak age where she deserves to compete at a top level. Alioni is rumored to be closing on a deal with music manager Alex Muyoboke, although those developments have been brushed aside as pure speculations.

Uncle Austin


Surely the fact that Austin did not feature this season is bewildering. Everyone expected the afro beat singer to be among the eleven nominated, but he failed to make it. Should he be snubbed next season, it will be big blow for him.

Bruce Melody


Also in the same genre as Alioni, Bruce Melody has fought his way into the big fish and he certainly deserves a chance. He has done collabos with different artists and it would not be surprising if he becomes a household name in a few months time.



A female rapper who has been in the game since time immemorial, Paccy has never been nominated even once. She has proven her critics wrong time and again, but time is right now that she features in the country’s most popular music competition.

Ama G The Black


Dubbed the next king of hip hop, Ama G won the best male rapper award at Salax Awards 2013 to ward off the challenge of veteran Jay Polly. He has certainly upped his rapping skills and he is no doubt going to squeeze his way into next season’s PGGSS.

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