King James backs Riderman in PGGSS

King James

King James has broken the silence on who he thinks should win this year’s Primus Guma Guma Super Star. Through his twitter account, the RnB star urged his fans to throw their weight behind the rapper, this as a reciprocate gesture to Riderman who also backed King James when he was eliminated in last year’s corresponding competition.


He said, “I urge all my fans to vote for Riderman because he deserves to win the competition. He is competent and he has the largest number of fans. Riderman, who hails in Ibisumizi label, had done a similar favor to King James last year by mobilizing his fans to vote for King James when the latter was given a boot from the reality TV show. At the time King James went on to win it.


Meanwhile Senderi International Hit has refuted claims his popularity has plummeted adding that he was sure of advancing into the next stage. The star, who only sees Rayon Sports fans as his best target as fans, insists he is still very much in the competition and that he will fight “tooth and nail” to give his competitors something to be scared of.



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