Komedy knights in Bujumbura

Komedy knights in Bujumbura

This weekend sees the residents of neighboring Burundi get entertained to rib cracking sessions as Komedy Knights descend in the capital Bujumbura to entertain them. Fresh from another captivating session at Serena Hotel where they left the crowd in earsplitting laughter, the group will head to Bujumbura where they expect to be received with a lot of delight.

Speaking to rwandashow.com, Nkusi Arthur, one of the most influential members of the crew revealed that all preparations were done and that what remained was for them to take off. He said, “It will be an exciting adventure for us because we want to entertain Burundians to the maximum.”

Arthur also posted on his Facebook account of the event, signaling Burundians and the Rwandese community of their presence.

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