Muhanga residents thrilled with PGGSS

Muhanga residents thrilled with PGGSS

When the PGGSS caravan headed south last weekend, it was expected that they put up lively performances, which they did. But what the residents of Muhanga saw was beyond their expectations. The drama and flair that accompanied the caravan right from the word go was unbearable to say the least. talked to a few residents of the district and revealed their excitement. Eric Muhire, a thirty-two year old and father of two was at the venue and like the others, he was trying to be on his toes to catch a better glimpse of what was happening. In ululation and great excitement he said, “I didn’t know there would be a time when I will be able to see Riderman face to face. You see, we usually see them on screens or listen to their songs via different media, but seeing them live was here was something I will never forget in my life.

And one Kantengwa, a high school student, said she has always been a great admirer of diva Knowless Butera. Kantengwa, 18, said she would have loved to shake hands with Knowless but said she was too far to be even touched. She said, “It would be better if they let us mingle with them. I am a long time admirer of her (Knowless) and I think she’s going to win it.”



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