Poll: Knowless to win Guma Guma Super Star

m_Poll Knowless to win Guma Guma Super Star

An independent poll conducted by rwandashow.com indicates that diva Knowless Butera would win the ongoing Primus Guma Guma Super Star, if the winner was to be announced today. According to the survey, about 35% of the respondents felt they would go for the songbird, who has more than impressed in all the road shows so far. The respondents, representing Kigali City and its suburbs, expressed their confidence that Knowless was designated to be crowned winner come July.

About fifty respondents were quizzed during the one-day survey, and 30% indicated they would prefer the Urban Boyz, a.ka. swagga boys to win it, while rappers Riderman and Fireman came into third and fourth places with 18% and 14% respectively. But of general concern, is the Dream Boyz who came almost last with a mere 1%, indicating once again that the popularity of the duo has greatly plummeted to a record low.

The battle for the coveted prize has gotten stiffer and stiffer. Rapper Fireman, who is among the contestants has described the final road shows as a “penalty shootout” and is among the fans’ favorites. In an interview with a local celebrity website, he said, “I hope to reach as far as I can. We are now in a penalty shootout and no one can afford any mistake at this time.”

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