Rapper Ciney urges her fellow females to be self-reliant

m_Rapper Ciney urges her fellow females to be self-reliant

Rapper Uwimana Aisha, a.k.a Ciney has urged her fellow girls to strive to be self reliant in her new song entitled Igire, which means “be self reliant”. Ciney, also a radio presenter at a famous FM radio station, has said she released the song as a retaliatory quip aimed two songs Ibitenge and Care which all feature famous male rapper Ama G The Black.

In both of the songs, Ama G strongly hits out at the inability of the ladies to fend for themselves and their knack for turning to their male counterparts in what is popularly known as gold-digging. But Ciney, also a musician retaliated by releasing hers, advocating for a complete overhaul in the girls’ conduct.

She said, “It’s sad that people often see us as gold-diggers and nothing else. When I heard of his (Ama G) new song, I was somewhat devastated which prompted me to compose mine. In my song I call upon the girls to avoid being lazy and naïve and understand that they can make it on their own without necessarily depending on their brothers.” The star added that very soon the video to the song will be shot to make it even more popular among her fans.


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