Rumors: Kamichi pondering switch to Ibisumizi label

m_Kamichi pondering switch to Ibisumizi label

Afro beat singer is reportedly seeking a sensational move to Ibisumizi label as his next destination for a recording studio. Kamichi, who has not heard any specific music house as contract-bound entertainer, is known to be a long time admirer of Ibisumizi boss Riderman, and this has somewhat compelled him to ply his trade there.

Through his Facebook account, the radio presenter gave a strong hint that he may be heading to Ibisumizi, by posing a rather rhetoric question, saying, “Should I go to Ibisumizi?” even though close sources to Kamichi reveal he may have already made up his mind.

Three music houses, namely Ibisumizi, The Super Level and Kina Music have dominated the music scenery. Should Kamichi decide to join any of them then he will have with Riderman who’s one among his competitors in Primus Guma Guma Super Star.

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