Best groomed stars in Rwandan showbiz

There’s not a single doubt that dressing and fashion trends play a big role in not only distinguishing the real sense of taste and style, but also serve as a trademark for individuals. In showbiz in particular, those who are constantly in the limelight need to keep on updating on their dressing modes to appease and convince their fans that they are in it. In this list we look at top four Rwandan celebrities who will always leave heads turning whenever they step into the streets of Kigali.



Dressed in traditional Imikenyero, songbird Butera knowless is among female artistes with a good sense of dress code

No surprise at all for this songbird who came from the humble beginnings to establish herself as a household name. Knowless’ sense of fashion is seen through the way in which she has evolved in her music career, a metamorphosis that saw her come from a lady with a knack of skimpily dressing to a respectable woman who attracts huge crowds, ministers and dignitaries notwithstanding.

Francis Iraguha


A fashion designer, Francis is one of the few men entrepreneurs that have ventured into this industry that is often shunned by men. Francis does not only cut and sews the cloth, but he also knows how to dress smartly and appropriately.

Urban Boyz


Perhaps they should have made it to the top of the list only if this countdown was done months earlier. Creative, innovative and interesting to watch, this crew always has something new to show whenever there’s a public event. Memories of their appearance at Salax Awards in pairs of shorts, blazers and smoking pipes still come into memory whenever the above description of them is made.



Though not easily to spot her fully dressed, this lady has defied all odds and stuck to her style throughout the years. She’s not afraid of revealing who she is and she does it at her own will. Her performances are always overshadowed by her dressing code, which goes on to explain why she’s unfazed by her critics.

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