Disgruntlements and irregularities that marred PGGSS

Even as the dust settles down after a great season of Primus Guma Guma Super Star, questions can still be heard being thrown here and there. Claims of widespread rigging, corruption and bribery claims have raised their randy heads while a few contestants have inevitably spoken out in dire criticism of the competition. Here rwandashow.com looks at some of the flaws that could be corrected next time if organizers want the competition to keep a clean image.



The ultimate prize of twenty four million Rwandan francs is enticing and enough to say the least, but the way the other four runners-up were rewarded is worth questioning. A discrepancy of a whooping nineteen million lies between the winner and the first runner-up. Organizers would do us favor by distributing that money more evenly.

Vote counting

Mushyoma Joseph, Managing Director of East African Promoters said after the competition that there would be vote count to confirm that indeed Riderman garnered more votes than any other contestant. That move sounds good but it would be better if the number of votes were announced before the winner is declared.



This issue has been raised for the umpteenth time. No one really understands the role of the judges as they sit in total silence without telling us what’s really going on. While there was public outcry to introduce the judge bench, they really haven’t been that convincing to the public.
Whereas no one disputes that PGGSS is a competition aimed at popularizing our stars, more needs to be done to create an appeasing image so that the negativities (if any) don’t overshadow its real intended purpose.

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