Judge shocked by final five in Primus Guma Guma Super Star

Judge shocked by final five in Primus Guma Guma Super Star

From left to right: Kamichi, Senderi, Bulldog, Christopher, Danny and Fireman as they are evicted from PGGSS

A panel judge at the Primus Guma Super Star has described the list of the final five who made it to the next round as “shocking” and that he did not have a clue on how they made it. Aaron Niyitunga, who is an experienced musician, is a member of the three-judge bench that includes Kidum from Burundi and Mighty Popo. Describing the outcome of the first round, Niyitunga said that some people did not merit being among the top five.

Although he avoided naming those whom he termed as undeservedly in the list, the veteran musician said, “I, too, am shocked even though I am among the judges. I would not have expected to see some people whom I saw today to be there.” His revelations will further compound misery and complicate the credibility of the competition, whose popularity is quickly waning. Pundits have argued that the role of the judges remains unclear and that their say is somewhat innocuous.

Primus Guma Guma Super Star, a reality TV show organized by East African Promoters and Rwanda’s largest brewery company Bralirwa, has explicably received a torrent of criticisms in the past, mainly arising from the fact that those who are nominated early craftily squeeze their way in through bribery and other malicious ways. The final winner of season three is expected to be announced on 10th August 2013.

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