Kidumu drums up support for Christopher

Kidumu drums up support for Christopher

Christopher’s influence at Primus Guma Guma Super Star may not have been that threatening especially to his opponents, but the youngster has surely received the blessings of Burundian musician Kidumu Kibido, who was among the four-judge bench during the competition. Christopher was among the first casualties to be kicked out alongside Fireman, Bulldog, Senderi, Danny and Kamichi but all may not be as lost as it seems for Christopher as judge Kidumu points out.

Although some of the final contestants came as a surprise even to the judges, for Christopher it was a different case as Kidumu sees. He said, “I believe there are many musicians who have the popularity and all that but if I was to go for the one who performed exquisitely, I would go for Christopher. His live performances are worth admiring and he has much talent.”

These words, coming from such an experienced and celebrated figure like Kidumu, will offer a sort of comfort to Christopher who has so far appeared in two editions of the competition. The starlet will also seek to make his presence felt next year when the competition will resume.

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