Knowless’s disappointment leads to speculation over her anticipated crowning as PGGSS winner


When Butera Knowless was called on stage as the second runner-up of Primus Guma Guma Super Star, the female star walked off immediately after receiving her cheque. A famous radio presenter even caused more fuss when he alleged that Knowless was destined to be crowned winner, an accusation that organizers of the competition have denied.

But sources close to East African Promoters continue to reveal otherwise. Behind the scenes, Knowless was pictured alongside the likes of Safi and Tom Close, and judging from the way the diva was dressed, she had come prepared for a great night – but never got one.

In what seems to be like it will cause major upheaval, leaked information continue to indicate that a pre-hatched plan may have gone wrong when Riderman stood on stage to declare that he was the deserved winner of the competition. Indeed he ended up by being crowned winner something that Knowless didn’t get a chance to experience as she had already walked away in total frustration.

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