MC Monday’s reply song to Ibitenge hits brick wall of angry fans

MC Monday’s reply song to Ibitenge hits brick wall of angry fansMC Monday’s remake of the song Ibitenge by Urban Boyz, Ama G The Black and King James has been received with mixed reactions, but mainly those of unwavering criticism by fans. MC Monday might have had a fantastic idea of writing his own Ibitwenge, in which he strongly criticizes the original composers for throwing jibes at women, but the fans have instead turned against him.

Ibitenge is itself a remix of Biracyaza by King James but the former’s persona digs at an unappreciative woman whose husband provides everything including kanga (ibitenge) but the woman turns against him instead. But in a reply to the song, MC Monday made Ibitenge in which he feels it’s not right for a man to keep reminding his wife how much he provides and all the trivial and petty gifts he offers her.

Well, not until the song hit the airwaves and not until the fans labeled MC Monday a glory hunter. One caller on one famous radio station who only identified himself as John described the song as a pity and a shame. He said, “MC Monday is only trying to solicit for his lost fame. I don’t think this is the right way of doing it.” Many of the people who talked to expressed their disappointment in the song while insisting that MC Monday is jut but seeking a re-birth of his music career and nothing else.


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