Rapper Amagi drops new video

Amag the Black

Amag the Black

Local hip hop star Rapper Amagi the black released a new video of his song Antere Ibuye featuring Bruce Melody full of females in bikinis in a swimming pool.

The video is the first of its kind in Rwanda with half naked girls which shocked the entire music fraternity given the nature of Rwandan music culture.

While speaking to Rwandashow.com, rapper Amagi The Black explained in details about his video simply calling it music evolution.

“Everyone goes on the swimming pool and nothing new about the video rather than innovation on how I used to shoot my videos” says Amagi.

Amagi added that Ugandan music that is hitting in local clubs has dirty videos but people like them.

The video of the song Antere Ibuye was premiered on Tuesday but it’s already being shared by huge number of people using social networks and receiving thousands of comments about the ladies in the video.

Singer Tom Close last year also did the same when he kissed a model in his Good life video featuring Lamyia.


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