Riderman to invest half of the GumaGuma money into Ibisumizi Studio

Riderman to invest half of the GumaGuma money into Ibisumizi Studio

The winner of PGGSSS3 and boss of Ibisumizi recording studio rapper, Riderman aka Gatsinzi says he will invest half of the GumaGuma money into the studio.

The Horo hit maker walked away with 24 million Rwf on Saturday, after winning Rwanda’s finest music competition dubbed Primus Guma Guma super star season III.

While speaking to Rwandashow.com shortly after being announced as the winner, rapper Riderman promised to invest half of the money in his recording studio.

“12 million will be pumped into Ibisumizi recording studio to buy various studio materials to expand the studio and increase its recording capacity,” says Riderman.

Riderman added that the studio gave me opportunity to win the competition, that’s why half of the money will be invested in the studio to boost its services musically.

Riderman’s Ibisumizi studio boasts various established artistes like Paccy, M-Izzo, Benzo and many others.

According to the rapper, the studio was basically introduced to help young talented musicians who cannot manage to raise money to record their own songs.

Rapper Riderman won the competition beating up tuff competitors like Urban Boyz who came second on the list.

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