Rubanda Remix Video premieres

Rubanda Remix Video premieres

The video of Rubanda Remix, featuring Makanyaga Abdul has finally hit the big screens with fans all over the country yearning to see it. Originally done by Makanyaga Abdul, Rubanda is an old song that was first released by the veteran musician in 1974, when the so called Igisope was the in thing.

Rubanda Remix Video premieres2

But Makanyaga who has been seeking a renaissance under the new music trend, has undoubtedly refused to throw in the towel. The experienced musician has featured all the stars from Kina Music to give the song a modern and appeasing look. The new faces in the song include Dream Boyz, Christopher, Tom Close and Knowless Butera.

Makanyaga has also reiterated that he will continue working with any willing musician to enhance his popularity both in the country and abroad. He has, on numerous occasions, been invited to tour Europe alongside pop artists and his concerts have always been appreciated.

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