Rwandan comedy is growing fast, says Arthur

Comedian Arthur
Rwanda’s youngest comedy star and K-FM presenter Arthur Nkusi reveals how much the Rwandan comedy industry is gaining momentum and expanding in the region.
The famous city rib cracker from Komedy night boys disclosed the information to
“We started in 2010 when we were only 10 comedians, our audience was minor,but today thousands of Rwandans turn up for comedy.We captured audience in Burundi as well,” says Nkusi.
He adds that the Rwanda comedy industry will have developed a great deal in 5 years to come based on how quickly people are venturing into comedy.
Arthur Nkusi aka Rutura doubles comedy with emceeing and host various shows on local popular radio station K-FM together with branding corporate companies.
The Rwandan comedy industry is still behind compared to other comedy industries in the region like Uganda and Kenya.

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