Sandrine quits Isango star and joins K-FM

Sandrine quits Isango star and joins K-FM

Isheja Sandrine

Local female presenter at Isango star radio Sandrine Isheja has left Radio Isango star for K-FM.

“I switched jobs because of my personal benefits but I did not have anything like a grudge against my bosses or any one from Isango star radio,” explains Isheja.

Sandrine added that Isango star raised me and it will always be my family but time comes when a child leaves home to find green pastures.

Sandrine was one of the senior presenters the radio had and the founder of famous showbiz show dubbed Sunday Night.

However, she promised her fans and Rwandan music fans in general that she will continue to advocate for the development of music industry even at the new job.

It is estimated that K-FM radio station managed to snatch the famous presenter after doubling her former salary in a new contract.

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