Senderi: Nothing wrong with speaking the truth

Nothing wrong with speaking the truth

Senderi International Hit has described his utterances regarding the unfairness of Primus Guma Guma Super Star as the whole truth after he was criticized for being rude. Sender was shown the door alongside other five contestants namely Bulldog, Fireman, Danny, Christopher and Kamichi, but the star feels there’s nothing wrong with someone expressing himself especially if they are not satisfied with a ruling of any kind.

After being eliminated, he said, “This is the only place in Rwandan where injustice prevails. I have worked tirelessly but after all the efforts that I put in I end up being eliminated.” His counterpart Bulldog echoed his sentiments, saying that there was an “elaborate” plan to get rid of his crew known as Tuff Gangs.

But Senderi has come out to defend his utterances. In a telephone interview with, the afro beat singer said that there was nothing wrong with someone expressing themselves especially after being robbed of victory. He said, “What’s wrong if I stand before those people and tell them what conspired? I am who I am and that is how it will always be.”

After being eliminated it was largely mooted that Senderi will be taking a sabbatical from his music career until he refreshes on his next move.

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