Stopped on Track to premiere at Goethe Institute

m_Stopped on Track to premiere at Goethe Institute

Tuesday will be provide yet another entertaining evening for movie goers, as Stopped on Track, a film drama by Andreas Dresen is set to screen at Goethe Institute in Kimihurura. Released in 2011, Stopped on Track brings to life the real meaning “Staring at death” when an ordinary couple living an ordinary life discover that Frank, the husband to Simone is suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. The two had fulfilled their dream and lived with their two children in bliss in a townhouse in the suburbs.

The family is suddenly confronted with death. Andreas Dresen explores a whole range of feelings, from anger at unjust rate, from fear of the inevitable to the acceptance of an early demise.

m_Stopped on Track to premiere at Goethe Institute1

A scene from the movie shows Simone struggling to aid Frank puff on a cigarette

As German cultural magazine ZDF- Aspekte put it, “The scenes are improvisational and get under your skin. An honest, heart-wrenching film that shows it is possible to die with dignity, despite the suffering, Andreas Dresen has succeeded in making a film about death, which also conveys the joy of being alive.

Its screening will take place on 20th August at Goethe institute. Entrance will be free.

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