Urban Boyz deserve to win PGGSS3

 Urban Boyz deserve to win PGGSS3

A famous radio presenter once retorted that if gender issues are not given a priority at this year’s Primus Guma Guma Super Star, then Urban Boyz should win it easily. I couldn’t agree anymore. There’s no doubt that the domination of the trio in the reality TV show has caused some to panic and rightly so. The swagga boys, as they are colloquially known, have won the hearts of many including their own critics.

Kate Gustave, a radio presenter at Radio 10 once said, “I would immediately hand them the trophy even before the show is over.” Although it was somehow a witty remark, the renowned radio presenter and MC at various ceremonies was marching their success with the unending wave of support they are getting all over the country. “The change of the mood whenever these boys step on stage is of notable concern,” he added.

One of the major huddles in PGGSS is the live performances which they have excelled in well, there’s no arguing there, beginning with the first show at Amahoro Stadium, then Muhanga. Their movements and lively dancing on stage perfectly describes a crew that is hungry for success, which most contestants do not possess at the moment. Their biggest challenger, as it stands, lies in Riderman, and of course the ever present Knowless. But judging from the way things have gone so far, I would fully back the swagga boys to emerge victorious and that would not surprise anyone really.

When the winner will be announced on August 10th at Kigali Serena Hotel, there will be both joy and sorrow but don’t be surprised if the swagga boys win it – or if they come close for that matter.


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