What PGGSS must improve on next season

Saturday 27th July saw the first contingent of Primus Guma Guma Super Star contestants evicted, and with that the usual and endless complaints. First, the unclear and shoddy way in which the evictees were chosen left many in a hanging cloud. Senderi International Hit went ahead and publicly declared that there was no justice in music industry, while rapper Bulldog said there was an elaborate plan to kill of his crew known as Tuff Gangs, after he and crew member Fireman were eliminated.

It’s almost inevitable that these complaints will end season in season out anyway, but something has to be done to keep them as minimal as possible. Here rwandashow.com looks at some key areas that organizers of the competition need to improve on.


 What PGGSS must improve on next season

It is appalling to say the least when all the judges have been doing throughout the show is to hand in envelopes at the end of road shows without a single comment. Yes, this is not a talent search competition, but then what do they do sitting there and noting down as the contestants perform? It would be helpful if they shed some light on what areas they are judging, how they are basing their judgments and so on. A better option would be to get rid of them altogether.

Vote count

What PGGSS must improve on next season2

When Mico The Best was called on stage as one of the top five who had survived the first round, murmurs and whispers filled the whole auditorium at Serena Hotel. Not because he did not deserve it, but probably because it was that uncalled for, bearing in mind that heavyweights like Bulldog and Fireman were knocked out. So organizers can save us that daunting task by openly telling us how the public voted for their favorite stars.

Reduce number of road shows

What PGGSS must improve on next season3

Last season, the road shows totaled fifteen and this year they were reduced to ten. But it seems all is done a repeat of one road show after another. By reducing their number it would hasten the competition, make it more appealing and colorful.

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