Dr. Jiji holding no regrets over nudity in his new video

Dr. Jiji holding no regrets over nudity in his new video











There’s a new artist on the block – fact. Dr. Jiji has suddenly surged in popularity and it’s easy to explain why. The rapper’s newest video to the song Antere Ibuye featuring Ama G The Black and Bruce Melodie has not stopped making people talk endlessly. In the video, the star is seen romping with the girls who are skimpily dressed in bikinis at the swimming pool. The meaning of the song? Let he who doesn’t like the girls cast a stone unto me!

But only a few months in this industry that has for long suffocated the weak and disappointed the rich alike, Dr.Jiji says he has no regrets whatsoever in using the half naked ladies. He told the media, “There’s nothing wrong with people dressing appropriately on the occasion. If they are on the beach or by a swimming pool, they should be dressed in bikinis of course.”

Meanwhile, the star has admitted to have spent quite a considerable amount of money in getting where he is today in such a very short period of time. Rwandan music industry has grown at a steadfast rate and many have been left behind due to lack of financial means. But Dr. Jiji says he is ready to overcome that and penetrate into it and compete with the best of the best.

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