Freddy Massamba to rock Kigali residents

Freddy Massamba to rock Kigali residents

Renowned traditional singer Freddy Massamba from Congo Brazzaville will entertain lovers of traditional music at Petit Stade Amahoro on Friday 30th August 2013. After the cancellation of the Goma Music Festival this weekend, the star made a stopover to Rwanda for a free performance courtesy of Goethe Institute.

Also sponsoring the event are Ministry of Youth and Culture, French Institute, Positive Production and Huza Festival.

Born of Congolese parents, Freddy Massamba discovered Congolese rumba at a young age. From his came a passionate love for music. His mother sang in a Gregorian choir. At age 14, he joined the choir where he started singing and drumming. In 1991, he joined the Tambours de Brazza and began a world tour. In 1997, he was forced to leave the country because of the war that broke out in DR Congo. His music has been appreciated the world over and a treat of his beautiful voice at Amahoro will be nothing short of a bonus.

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