Gigantics set to premiere at Goethe Institute

Gigantics set to premiere at Goethe InstituteMovie goers will get an opportunity to watch this 2000 film by Sebastian Schipper and produced by Tom Tykwer. Gigantics is a feature film based in Hamburg Germany where three inseparable friends are about to be separated, as their leader, Floyd (Frank Giering), has decided he needs to leave town in order to find where he truly belongs. They have one last night to spend together, and they want it to be memorable.


This is where the film could easily have become an “American Graffiti”-style comedy – what sort of hijinks erupt when it’s your last night together? – and some of the events are indeed comical, though Schipper plays them more for their straight-faced psychological value than for laughs. The group runs afoul of a team of Elvis impersonating stunt-show drivers, for example, and then gets involved in a high-stakes game of Foosball in a sequence that is surely the most brilliantly filmed Foosball game in movie history.


The screening shall take place at the new Goethe headquarters in Kiyovu on Tuesday 17th September 2013. As usual entrance will be free.

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