I don’t care about people calling me a kid, says rapper Amagi the black

Amag The Black

Amag The Black

Local hip hop star Amagi the Black promises to remain calm and turn a blind eye to people trying to discourage him from music.

This comes following various discouraging words thrown at the rapper by his fellow hip hop artistes calling him a kid in rap music.

While speaking to Rwandashow.com, rapper Amagi commented on the issue and promised his fans to remain focused on music.

“Let them keep on calling me a kid as I continue to make money, no one can take away what God has planned for me,” said Amagi the black.

Earlier this year in an interview, rapper Jay Polly said that is not afraid of that young kid meaning Amagi the black who has shone in shortest time.

Amagi the black boasts of songs like Care, turi mwishuri and Uruhinja that sparked his talent across the country.



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