I only try to do my job at the highest level – Muyoboke

Alex Muyoboke

Alex Muyoboke has described his job as one that requires him to be overly exposed, both to the media and the public, the reason as to why some people might see him as “an ever present menace.” Muyoboke was responding to criticisms launched at him by rapper Pacson, who labeled him as an obstacle to upcoming musicians and Rwandan music in general. At the time Pacson said that Muyoboke seeks to rip where he has not sown, sparking off a dispute between the two.


But Muyoboke, a renowned music manager, has refused to be drawn into the tussle, only saying he tries to do his job at the highest level. He said, “Everyone has their opinions about other people or things, but for me I do my job in a way that satisfies me and the artists I work with. Because I am overly exposed some may see me as an ever present menace, but I am not.”

Adversely mentioned by Pacson: Radio10’s David Bayingana (left). Photo/Archive

Adversely mentioned by Pacson: Radio10’s David Bayingana (left). Photo/Archive

Also mentioned by Pacson is Radio10 presenter David Bayingana who runs a daily two-hour sports show, for apparently hopping from one discipline to another. According to Pacson, the two are among the most influential people in Rwandan music industry, but as opposed to promoting it, they play an active role in bringing it down.

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