I prefer producing my music at home; Humble

Humble Gizzo, Urban Boys member

Humble Gizzo, Urban Boys member

Urban Boy’s crew member, Humble Gizzo prefers doing music in Rwanda to abroad.

This comes as the group is set to perform in Europe, Belgium next month at Rwanda-Belgium Miss and Mister Event.

“I prefer making music in Rwanda where people can hear the message conveyed in the songs,” says rapper Humble Gizzo.

Humble added that many African musicians like 2Face and Chameleon have reaped lots of cash from abroad but still base in their respective countries.

Rwandan artistes continue to disappear when given an opportunity to perform in western countries.

The latest information confirms that four members of Benegihanga group which participated in Franco-phone music competition in France and won a bronze medal vanished before the show ended.

Such scenarios may limit opportunities for Rwandan musicians to perform abroad.




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