MC Tino denies supremacy in TBB crew

MC Tino denies supremacy in TBB crew

TBB crew member Mc Tino has brushed aside allegations that the group is purely dependent on him. Tino, who also doubles as a radio presenter, holds an influential role in the group, being the main vocalist as well as the group’s most vibrant member with his daily show on KFM.


But Tino sees a distribution of power among the trio, saying that they all hold equal posts. He said, “TBB is not about Tino only. We have different responsibilities and we try to share them equally. Perhaps because I also work as a radio presenter people think it’s all about me.”


TBB consists of the trio, Tino, Bob and Benja and have been tipped by many to take over as the next crew likely to challenge the tight grip of Urban Boyz and Dream Boyz. TBB’s latest song is entitled Unshyira High, with its video only a few days old. Other songs released by the crew include Urijijisha, Mbwiza Ukuri, Biramvuna, among others.

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