More support to Rwandan artists still needed for own development

More support to RwandanRwandan music artists have real talents and this is shown when they organise a live concert, charging Rwf10.000, and the place is full to capacity.

This shows that Rwandan music is developing and such artists can even go to a higher level which is at the International level to compete with other artists worldwide if given support of every kind.

This is however affected by many factors which factors need to be addressed to make such artists get more prominence.

The main thing noted here is introduction of music investors to the music industry which investors will help promote the Rwandan music plus the artists hence help them become known.

Such investors [Talent managers] will help promote the Rwandan music and here they need to take in to account different things which will help them carry out their work in the best way possible.

  • Among the many things needed is being an entertainment fan and here one needs to like the career he is taking on which will help him promote the artist in every possible way
  • Talent managers need to have good personality which will help them work well with the artists hence be able to promote them.
  • Such a person should have some skills which include marketing, communication, public relations, human resource which skills will still help them promote the artists in the best way possible.
  • Get close to other people who have been in this field for some time which will help such a person offer better services.
  • Have some team work especially with the artists and here such people will know well what to do for the best of the artists.

If such is taken into consideration, and then Rwandan artists are able to get such good managers then the Rwandan music will be developed and artists will be happy with the career taken on.





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