Only musicians can blame themselves for waning popularity-Riderman

Only musicians can blame themselvesRapper Riderman has alleged that stars who lose their popularity are to blame themselves. Riderman, who won the last edition of Primus Guma Guma Super Star, was speaking to the media when asked why winners of the competition have gone to dwindle and hide in their cocoons. But according to Riderman, there are a few reasons as to why that is bound to happen.

He said, “First there’s the issue of one thinking that they have achieved it all and that there’s nothing else to compete for. In that case they start looking down upon their fellow artists.” Despite reveling in his success, the rapper feels it’s just the beginning of a long journey ahead of him.

He added, “Artists should be humble towards their fellow artists and journalists alike. But there’s a section of journalists who think once one has won PGGSS they become repulsive, which is not the case.”

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