Producer T-Brown quits Ibisumizi studio

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Celebrated audio producer T-Brown, parted ways with his long term recording studio Ibisumizi over supremacy issues with one of the members inside the studio.

T-Brown called it quits after his boss, Riderman turned down his request to expel, The Kim, an upcoming artist working with the studio.

 “I urged both to settle their differences as men but T-Brown decided to quit,” Ibisumizi boss Riderman explained to

Riderman said it was an irrational decision to quit though he hopes T-Brown comes back to his senses sooner.

T-Brown has been producing songs for all artistes working with Ibisumizi recording studio, right from the studio’s genesis.

T-Brown joined The Super Level studio owned by Urban Boyz.

T-Brown quits after Amagi the black and Paccy left Ibisumizi recording studio.

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