Tusker Project Fame around the corner as its uncertainty continues to loom

Tusker Project Fame around the corner as its uncertainty continues to loom

There’s no question that when Alpha Rwirangira won season three of Tusker Project Fame, every Rwandan felt proud of him. Suddenly TPF became the best thing that ever happened since the invention of sliced bread. Well, not for long. All the other successors of Alpha who attempted a shot at it failed, with Jackson Kalimba being the only contestant that made it very far. At TPF season five, Kalimba scooped third place behind winner Ruth Matete and first runner-up Doreen.

Quite saddening somehow given the relentless efforts Kalimba had put in. This year’s edition however seems to be somewhat different, with shoddy information being released to the media. A local judge who spoke to rwandashow.com on condition of anonymity revealed that Nairobi-based head office had barred them from disclosing any information to the media, even after the preliminaries of the competition were held here in Kigali.

The judge said, “We have no idea why there are such strict orders barring us from talking to the media. Right now even what I am doing is deemed illegal.” So far the only information known to the media is that Elion Victory is among the Rwandan artists who advanced to the finals, but efforts to contact him were rendered futile, as he refused to pick the phone on several occasions.

Why there’s such reluctance to give out crucial information regarding the competition is still unknown, and as such only unconfirmed reports have been circulating on websites and other media outlets. But whatever the cause and the likely outcome, TPF need to do better than that to avoid being written off as a credible talent searching competition.

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