Urban Boyz to thrill their fans at the weekend

Urban Boyz to thrill their fans at the weekend

Prior to their takeoff to Belgium on Tuesday, pop group Urban Boyz have organized an entertaining evening with their fans which will begin at Bicasso bar and restaurant where they will perform on Friday. They will then head to Passadena in Gikondo the following day. The concerts which have been dubbed Bye Bye concert shall all start at 8pm.

Speaking to rwandashow.com, Mister One who is the main organizer of the concerts said that it will be an ideal time for Urban Boyz to get closer to Urban Boyz as they will be busy in the following days. He said, “As you know Urban Boyz have a journey next week so we thought this would be the best time for them to mingle with their fans.”

Urban Boyz will be taking off to Belgium where they will perform at Miss Belgium the following weekend. The crew was invited alongside other prominent local and international musicians.

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