Bably says Ama-G The Black is a good artist but bad rapper!

m_Bably says Ama-G The Black is a good artist but bad rapper!

Singer Bably

One of the local rappers ‘Bably’ famous in his song “Isezerano Ryakera” has said that the famous Ama-G The Black is a good artist but one of the poor rappers basing on his voice and  rhythm of his songs.

Bably said in the programme called Ten Super Star show on Radio 10 hosted by Mc Kate that he sees Ama-G The Black as a remarkable artist though his rapping is unpleasant.

Bably commended Ama-G of sending better message to listeners and educative songs to the society but said he has a poor voice.

 Bably repeated his criticism when he spoke with, saying the Star (Ama-G) was good at selecting better message though, “He has no quality of Rapping skills,” he said.

He maintained that a good rapper must have a style, voice and good lyrics.

Ama-G says all criticism comes from haters, as far as rapping is concerned, he is a legend with fans all over the country.

The star Ama-G said those who expect him to work on songs for competition will wait for eternity. “My calling is to give a message to impact the society,” said the Ama-G.

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